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Why Be a TreeGiver?

Memorial tree planting sympathy gifts in memory of lost loved ones and pet companions

Show and Share You Care

with Personalized Memorial Tree Plantings

Whether you're expressing your deepest condolences or most heart-felt congratulatory wishes, having a young tree planted to honor a special person or cherished pet is a unique gift that shows you care in a special and creative way. It's a living legacy that gives lasting honor while renewing the forests of the Earth.

Planting a tree gives back to the planet we all call home with a gift that lasts for generations.  Being a TreeGiver is more than giving a gift - It's showing you care for the loss of a loved one with a commitment to the environment that is truly appreciated by your recipient, the chosen area's wildlife, and the Earth itself.

in Your Choice of any State or Province

TreeGivers is the only memorial available online which gives you the choice of any American state or Canadian province for your tree planting.  With new options to share your gift via social media and with additional tree plantings, you can personally tailor your gift for those you care about to truly appreciate.

Memorial Trees not only provide a living and lasting legacy to a special person or beloved companion, they provide a lasting, continuing gift of protection to our precious wildlife, help restore earth's carbon balance, contribute to the beauty of the countryside and the purity of the air we breathe.

Public lands like national forests and state parks receive memorial tree plantings which benefit the environment

We appreciate the many TreeGivers who return, whenever the need arises

Memorial trees planted in memory of someone

So, why choose TreeGivers?  First, you will be planting a living legacy as a unique and thoughtful gift that shows your commitment to your loved ones and our environment.  Second, we offer the most opportunity to personalize many elements of your gift, including messages to have printed on the Certificate of Tree Planting and that we will hand-write at your specification for the Sympathy Card.

Finally, your memorial tree planting gives back to the specific American state or Canadian province of your choosing.  With TreeGivers, you know that the living legacy you're planting will benefit the wildlife and natural beauty of the countryside in the area that means the most to you and your loved ones.

Give the gift of sympathy & compassion

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