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Wildfires are raging across our nation

We need to work together to restore our forests

Setting records with over 2 million acres burned since 2020 

 Wildfires ravaging our nation have made planting trees in upcoming reforestation efforts more vital than ever before.

With more and more of our national forests devastated each year by wildfires, TreeGivers is committed to redoubling our efforts toward working with our partners in reforestation.

Wondering how you can help plant more trees?

Since 1981, our gifts have been sourced from upcycled, recycled, and reclaimed materials while our community of TreeGivers have helped plant thousands of trees nationwide.

When you send a TreeGivers gift, you can feel confident that each gift is also giving back to the planet.

Wildfire Recovery and Forest Conservatio

Your TreeGivers Gift will include ten (10) young trees planted in the US state of your choice

Each gift will also include:

  • A framed Certificate of Tree Planting showing your support for reforestation efforts in areas affected by wildfire.

  • A personalized, handwritten note with your customized message for any occasion, from memorials to birthdays.

  • A thoughtful letter describing your gift and the contribution to your selected state's wildfire recovery efforts.

Become a ForestGiver

With wildfires being reported this summer throughout Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, you may be asking yourself:

What can I do to help plant new trees in areas affected by wildfires?

If you are looking for ways to help with reforestation and wildfire recovery in your state, or anywhere else across the United States, plant a tree in honor of someone and help reforest with ten tree plantings to show how much you care. Looking to share a gift with coworkers, or send a thoughtful message from your company with a gift that grows for generations? Plant trees as a way to offset your carbon footprint and bring your company closer to carbon neutral goals.

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