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Group Gift Packages

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Here's the practical solution you've been looking for:

Whether you are preparing a retirement party for a beloved colleague, hosting a team-building employee appreciation event, or looking to go in on a gift for your boss, TreeGivers provides options for tree planting packages that make a perfectly appropriate gift.


We specialize in environmentally friendly gifts

Our Certificates of Tree Planting can be customized for every occasion, from seasonal holiday client & employee appreciation gifts to recognizing individual achievements, and more.

Celebrating a company milestone or a team success? Commemorate the achievement with personalized tree plantings to mark the occasion!

Think outside the box with client appreciation gifts.

Symbolize your commitment to growing your relationship with your client as well as the environment.

Thoughtfully Appropriate Corporate Gift Ideas

  • The GroveGiver - Our classic Framed Certificate package is now available with additional tree plantings for that special honoree who would have loved having more than just a single tree planted in their honor.  This option includes five (5) trees to be planted in the state(s) of your choice for $79.95

  • The ForestGiver - This generous gift for the honored nature enthusiast includes the Framed Certificate package with a total of ten (10) tree plantings.  Choose this option for a sentimental retirement gift, or if you are establishing new client relationships with those who you know will see the value of planting a lasting, living legacy for $109.95

  • The WoodlandGiver - Looking to gift twenty (20) trees or more? 
    Choose this package to mark major company milestones, as swag bag replacements at corporate events, or as an eco-friendly way to offset your company's carbon footprint. This package starts at $159.95 for 20 tree plantings.


    • Contact us in the form below to get started! Please let us know any specific requests you have in mind, including custom certificates with your company logo and event!

WoodlandGiver Certificate

Example WoodlandGiver Certificate

Celebrate Company Milestones and Employee Achievements

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