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New England-Based Family Business

Planting Living Legacies Nationwide

for more than 30 years

Plant a Tree in any state for Family, Friends, & Pets

The Original Memorial Tree, since 1996

TreeGivers offers custom personalized memorial tree-planting gifts that are naturally perfect for your expression of sympathy. 

We make it easy to show how much you care for your loved ones,

and the environment.

A tall tree with the sun setting behind it

Living Legacy Memorials

See your options to personalize our Original TreeGivers tree plantings - choose from framed or unframed options for your sympathy gift to be mailed to the recipient.

a dog and a cat lying on the grass in the sun

Pet Memorials

Our pets love us unconditionally throughout their entire lives.  What better way to keep their memory alive than to plant a living, growing memorial in their honor?

a small sapling held in hands

Celebration Gifts

Unique gift ideas, including wonderful options for you to plant additional trees and share your special occasion with friends and loved ones online.

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1. Choose My Design Package

2. Choose Number of Trees & Location

3. Include My Custom Message

TreeGivers proudly supports reforestation efforts in partnership with

TreeCanada, a tree planting partner
Arbor Day Foundation, a tree planting partner
American Forests, a tree planting partner

Personalized memorial tree planting gifts are the thoughtful way to show your sympathy at the loss of a loved one, a family member, or a pet companion. 
The thought of a living memorial gift - growing for generations on public lands like state parks and national forests - is a comfort for all who admire nature and care for our planet. 

Show you care with a unique sympathy gift that expresses your thoughtful condolences: a TreeGivers personalized memorial gift.

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