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Check Out Our New Seasonal Offerings!

Plant a Tree
in someone's honor for a truly unique gift idea this year

This Winter, give a meaningful gift that will show & share how much you care about your cherished family & friends. With our newly-designed Certificates of Tree Planting to celebrate the different occasions each season, choose whichever tree planting package is fit for the occasion.

Choose the gift that is thoughtfully

perfect for the season!

Each TreeGivers Valentine's Day Gift is individually designed, tailored to your personalization! 


If you & your loved one are tired of the same old teddy bears & roses every Valentine's Day, think outside the (chocolate) box for 2024! Plant a Tree in honor of your cherished spouse, partner or friend this year and give a gift that will grow for generations.


Celebrate the season in your own way, with tree plantings to thoughtfully show how much you care about your recipients, our environment, and the planet we all share.

Valentine's Day Tree Planting Gift

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrate the Day in Your Own Way

Birthday Tree Planting Gift

A thoughtful gift for that special member of your family

Looking for a perfect gift for someone who has everything? The latest toys, gadgets or gizmos might only get sparing use after the day's celebrations have passed, but a tree grows for generations!

A meaningful commemoration of your relationships

Lifelong friends, acquaintances, neighbors and associates alike understand the symbolic message conveyed by planting a tree for our planet, whether for birthdays or whenever the occasion arises: Your friendship will continually grow into the future!

Something green for co-workers & employees

What do you get for your boss to show appreciation?  If you are the boss, what do you give all your employees?!  Tree plantings make great gifts for your friends at the office, and show how your company cares about more than just the bottom line.

Birthdays, Anniversaries & More!

Choose the gift that is thoughtfully

perfect for Any Occasion!

Planting trees in honor of your family, friends, and co-workers is a perfect way to show you care for these special & personal occasions.

Wedding Tree Planting Gifts 2024

Weddings & Engagements

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