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Give Tree Plantings for the Holidays

A Perfect Gift Idea for Loyal Clients, Customers, Friends & Family

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This Holiday Season, let TreeGivers help you express your gratitude to those who mean the most to you & your business: Your Co-workers, Clients & Customers!

Merry Christmas Sample Certificate

Planting trees in honor of your clients during the holidays is a perfect way to show you care.  Not just for your customers, but for the environment as well.

Green Corporate Gift Ideas

Thoughtful, Unique & Memorable

Happy Holidays - Corporate Gifts
Happy Hanukkah Sample Certificate

Realtors: Gift a tree to those individuals & families who purchased a house from you this year. It's a perfect year-end follow-up.

Doctors:  Plant a tree in honor of each patient or family that joined your practice this year.

Veterinarians:  Reforest state parks and national forests where your clients' pets all love to roam.

Health & Beauty Professionals: Give your clients something green as a thank you gift to keep them coming back throughout 2020.

  • The GroveGiver - Our classic Framed Certificate package is now available with additional tree plantings for that special honoree who would have loved having more than just a single tree planted in their honor.  This option includes five (5) trees to be planted in the state(s) of your choice for $74.95

  • The ForestGiver - This generous gift for the honored nature enthusiast includes the Framed Certificate package with a total of ten (10) tree plantings.  Choose this option for a sentimental retirement gift, or if you are establishing new client relationships with those who you know will see the value of planting a lasting, living legacy for $99.95

  • The WoodlandGiver - Looking to gift twenty (20) trees or more? 
    Choose this package to mark major company milestones, as swag bag replacements at corporate holiday events, or as an eco-friendly way to offset your company's yearly carbon footprint. This package starts at $149.95 for 20 tree plantings - Contact us for anything else you have in mind!

Have something else in mind? 
Call (800) 862-8733 or email for bulk packaging discount pricing.

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