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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you’ve been fortunate enough to stay healthy lately, you’ve probably been feeling stuck inside this past year!  For nature lovers, this is a tough time to try and stay indoors with all the splendor of summer blooming just outside our windows.


But you're in luck! Here are five wonderful ways to celebrate our planet and commemorate Earth Day, even if you aren’t leaving your home:


If you have a backyard, it just may be your best way to experience nature right now. Got a tent? Get it setup for an impromptu camping night!  Even just getting out a picnic blanket to soak in the sunshine and breathe the fresh air can do a world of good. 


Don’t have a backyard?  No problem!  Throw open the windows, play some nature sounds, close your eyes, and take a moment for yourself in a warm, natural escape.

There are so many different vegetables that you can regrow from scraps!  Many veggies such as onions, garlic, bok choy, and celery can be a renewable source of food since we’re all looking to conserve resources these days.


At the very least, this can make a fun, educational experience for kids!

Image by Wilfried Santer

While we at TreeGivers usually focus more on the trees when thinking about natural conservation, wildlife is an equally important part of Earth Day! Show your local birds some love (and reuse household items) by creating a bird house at home. 


There are so many materials you can utilize to create a fun and inviting space for your feathered friends. If you’ve been finding creative ways to tidy your living space while reconnecting with nature, check out these fun projects that repurpose items you may have lying around the house:

Sign Up for a Food Co-op or Farm Delivery Service

With many of us needing to forgo extra trips to the grocery store, why not get fresh produce delivered to your door? There are many eco-friendly, local co-ops & delivery services you can use to help reduce waste, balance your diet with fresh, whole foods, and limit your personal contact with the outside world.


You can lookup your area's local food co-ops by checking this directory:

Image by Iñigo De la Maza
Paper Craft

Craft With Your Kids Using Up-cycled Materials

We’re all a bit stir crazy and in need of some creative entertainment these days.  This is especially true for those of us who have found ourselves homeschooling the kiddos! 


With so much shopping also having moved online lately, you may also have tons of cardboard boxes and other crafting materials around the house that you could use to make a fun activity for you and the kids. Check out these wonderful ideas for upcycling & recycling:

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