Unique Gift Ideas for the Special Mother in Your Life

It's Springtime, and that means that Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Why give flowers again this year?  Show your love for the special Mother in your life with a meaningful honorary tree planting instead!

While few gifts bought off the shelf seem to properly express how much you love and appreciate her, TreeGivers.com has an assortment of thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas to show Mom (or Grandma!) how much you truly care.


Personalized with your specified message on special, holiday-themed stationery, plant a Living Tribute to Mom for her special day this year!

Starting under $30

Gift additional tree plantings in Mom's honor

The GroveGiver (5 trees)

Plant a small forest for Mother's Day 2019

The ForestGiver (10 trees)

Plant more trees!

Framed certificate for Mother's Day 2019 gift idea

Framed Certificate (1 tree)

Gifts under $60

Digital only mother's day gift idea

eGiftGiver (1 tree)

Unframed certificate Mother's Day gift

Unframed Certificate (1 tree)

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